In practice, producer responsibility means that the producers are responsible for collecting and disposing of the end-products.

Anyone who puts batteries on the Danish market must therefore be responsible for collecting the used batteries.

The producer is considered to be the company that first markets the batteries or accumulators on the Danish market. ‘Marketing’ is in this case considered to cover delivery or transfer to third parties, with or without payment, including imports into the Danish customs zone.

In summary, producer responsibility means that each producer must:
  1. Register with DPA-System (the Danish Product Responsibility System)
  2. Report the amounts of batteries that the producer has put on the market. Laptop batteries must be reported to the Danish Tax and Customs Administration (SKAT). Industrial and car batteries must be reported to DPA-System
  3. Report the amount of collected and recycled batteries and accumulators
  4. Label all products in accordance with Appendix I of the Battery Directive (a crossed-out waste bin – see the image on the right)
  5. Inform the user of the battery and hold public information campaigns (in accordance with sections 37-38 of the Statutory Order on batteries and accumulators, and waste batteries and accumulators)
  6. Register with the Danish Business Authority – in addition to registering with DPA-System – if they are manufacturers of batteries for laptop computers.