Recipo is a collective collection and recycling system for electrical equipment, batteries and tyres, with operations in Denmark and Sweden.

The company is owned by a Swedish economic association, the purpose of which is to assist the affiliated manufacturers to meet their producer responsibility. We offer total solutions for product responsibility administration, financial guarantees, collection and recycling, as well as consultancy services in the area of producer responsibility.

Recipo has operated a national collection system for electronics and batteries in Denmark since September 2017, with approximately 300 collection points around the country.

In Sweden, the collection system has been in operation since 2007. Today, more than one hundred electronics and battery manufacturers have chosen Recipo as their provider of producer responsibility services. Recipo, together with its affiliated producers, has been responsible for approximately 25% of the electrical products and batteries marketed in Sweden. Since 2016, Recipo has also operated a national collection system for tyres in Sweden.