International E-Waste Day is used to bring attention to society about the current problems and dangers with e-waste across the wold. That only 20% of e-waste is recycled each year and why it is so important for electrical appliances to be recycled.

Together with the entire producer responsibility industry in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, Recipo has produced The Recyclable Advert. A concept where all participants can access the material, join the campaign and become a sender of the campaign. Then together on October 14th, the campaign will be launched on Social Media Channels.

We must stop hoarding electronics at home and instead bring them in for recycling, so they can be turned into new products. Instead of the industry continuously mining new raw materials which are a finite resource.

In almost all countries across the EU you can recycle your old electronics at an electronics store that sells similar goods or at a recycling center.

Thank you for recycling.

See video for the campaign below. To make your own films go to